About us

“Prime Pastry’s story is one of dedication to high quality materials, innovation and expertise.”

The company started to operate in the field of Confectionery Raw materials and Ice Cream Ingredients in 2014. The idea’s initiators and founders owe their 30 years of experience to their personal engagement with the aforementioned sector in the areas of Western Greece, Ionian Islands and wider parts of Euboea, Boeotia, Phthiotida and Phokida. The founders of the company had the opportunity to work with some of the best know and most experienced brands that operate in the field of production of Confectionery Raw materials and ice cream ingredients abroad, providing them today with ability to communicate to their associates in Prime Pastry all the philosophy, distinctive characteristics and know-how they possess.

From its foundation until today, the company has succeeded in pursuing a steady evolutionary line, always having as its main concern the respect and excellent relationships with its customers. The above values ​​have remained and will continue to be rooted in the way of thinking of all the employees and associates of Prime Pastry.

Today Prime Pastry cooperates with 14 international, distinguished manufacturers of Confectionery Raw Materials and Ice Cream Ingredients and its vision is to further work with companies that offer customers high quality products and services.

Vision – Mission and Goals

The primary purpose of the company is to evolve both in terms of quality and quantityof its offerings by establishing new partnerships as well as preserving healthy and stable relationships with its customers. For this reason, Prime Pastry has been participating since its initiation in numerous international and domestic exhibitions organized for professionals, always presenting innovative ideas and new products that seek to highlight the high quality of pastry and ice cream. Additionally, the company regularly organizes shows through which professionals have the opportunity to become familiar with new and existing products and get valuable advice from our highly trained staff.

At the same time, we invest in the people who support it, motivating them to evolve both individually and through their performance by constantly providing them with training sessions regarding our products and the new trends emerging in the industry.

The vision and mission for those who work for Prime Pastry is to expand the company’s activities in new locations and markets within Greece and Cyprus, widen its range of products through new partnerships, maintain high-quality products and services as well as constantly keep its partners up to date for existing products and new trends in confectionery raw materials and ice cream ingredients.

Sales and Distribution Network

he company maintains a well-organized distribution of products that service with efficiency and immediacy customers all over Greece. More specifically, in the Prefecture of Attica and throughout the Peloponnese, the distribution is carried out by commercial vehicles from Athens. In Western Greece, the Ionian Islands, the Prefectures of Euboea, Boeotia, Phthiotida and Phokida the sales and distribution are made by the individual enterprises of the company’s shareholders. Due to an expanded customer base, other distribution points in the country are served through local affiliates.
In order to keep all clients satisfied, Prime Pastry has an organized a customer service department providing all necessary information regarding sales and distribution networks of the company and its local representatives.

Place of business

Prime Pastry’s headquarters are located in Acharnes, Attica, in highly sophisticated facilities that provide easy accessibility, quality of space and excellent storage and maintenance of all its products. All stock items are always kept under the prescribed temperature and humidity conditions and are continuously reviewed based on the expiration date and the LOT of each species.
At the same time, the choice of facilities provides a friendly environment with all safety features for the employees of the company.

Our experienced staff is at your service and is waiting to serve you.